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Pure Guard is a line of high-performance and top-quality lubricants distributed through a reputable network of marketers and retail outlets around the world.
Pure Guard’s products are specially formulated with premium base oils and advanced additive technology to provide outstanding protection to on-road and off-road equipment applications in a wide range of operating conditions.
Every Pure Guard product is certified to meet or exceed the latest specifications set forth by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), the American Petroleum Institute (API), SAE, ILSAC, ACEA, and other international agencies.


The onsite laboratory is the heart of Pure Guard’s Total Quality Management (TQM) program. This fully integrated ISO 9001-2000 certified facility ensures every product produced at Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC meets or exceeds its customers’ highest expectations. Every blend and production run is systematically tested by highly trained and certified lab personnel before it is approved for shipping to the customers. From ICP and Noak volatility for engine oils to Brookfield viscosity for transmission fluids, and to FT-IR control for everything – chemist and lab technicians extensively check every blend to ensure compliance with required SAE, API, NMMA, and JASO specifications while following ASTM testing procedures. As with all departments at PG, their laboratory systems exceed ISO’s most stringent requirements.


Seven fully-automated packaging lines with state-of-the-art inspection stations further ensure Pure Guard’s quality. These stations are equipped with infrared fluid level and cap seal verification, bar code scanners, and vision systems for label accuracy. We also constantly monitor the quality of our raw materials, safety standards, shipping processes, and deadlines. All of this is done to maintain the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality Guarantee

Omni Industries, Inc. ensures that all products we manufacture are free from manufacturer defects. Additionally, the lubricant conforms to all specifications outlined on the product’s label, as well as in product manuals. All products meet or exceed OEM specifications. Moreover, these products also comply with all performance claims and applications. Omni Industries, Inc. will repair or replace any engine or machinery damaged as a direct result of Pure Guard product usage and its failure to follow the specification outlined on the product label and in Omni’s Product Manual.


Quality Guarantee

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